Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yay!! I made a sale on E-bay!

Okay, I finaly put a diaper bag on e-bay and sold it. I set the strting price at $10.00 and I sold it for $10.50. I guess that is not bad, I just wish that it had sold for more. I just listed 2 more bags, one pink one for $15.00 and one plaid one for $10.00. Maybe they will sell and I can start to recoop some of my money that I have already spent. I am making a dress and putting it on E-bay today. (hopefully)

I have started to keep my little cousin for the summer. He is 8, almost 9 and he has severe ADD. He is soooo hard to handle if he has not had his pill. He does not listen and you constantly have to repeat yourself to him. He has days where he is not so bad but there are others where you want to pull your hair out.

I have finally made myself something. I finished a shirt for me and I love it. I am going to wear it to the family reunion Saturday. I think I will make me soe shorts to wear with it before then too. I can maybe round up some business at the family reunion. Is that terrible? I want to get things up for sell and really make a go of this. Who knows? Maybe this will work for me!

Okay, for now! I am about to go make breakfast for the kids and I guess myself as well.
I will post pics of some of my bags and dresses that I have made, later. I am off for now!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recital Pics

Here are a couple of recital pics

Maggie's dance recital

This is my first blog, so bear with me. I have had these thoughts on my mind all day and just needed to get them out there. So here goes...............

Okay, it was a really long day for me yesterday. I had to get up and get Maggie ready for dress rehearsal for her very first dance recital. We had to be there at 8:30. Well, I woke up late due to being up all night. Maggie had a fever during the night due to her mommy being stupid and letting her have her 4yr shots on Friday. I also had to fight with Jonathan to get him out the door. Of course, when you tell him to come on, he goes the opposite direction. O- the life of a 2yr old. When we got to the auditorium, my DEAR DEAR mother in law took Jonathan with her so I wouldn't have to fight him. We (me &Maggie) were at the rehearsal for almost 3 hrs. We grabbed some lunch, came home and she took a nap and I sewed. Jonathan was brought back to me (asleep thank God) and when his daddy got home, he took him to go see Pawpaw. Mommy got lots of sewing done. We got ready for Maggie's recital and headed out the door. The recital went really well. Maggie did really well but mommy had to stay back stage the majority of the time. Maggie wanted mommy or daddy and wasn't going to dance, otherwise. All of this isn't what has been on my mind. This is:

We were told to bring flowers for our child so that when they do the finale, a family member may bring them a bouquet after their name is announced. This was
reinterated on Saturday by the instructor. I went Friday and bought 2 bouquets. While the kids took a nap on Saturday, I cut stems and tied 2 bouquets. I was so proud of them. We get done with the recital and all the girls are called out one by one. They have mommies and daddies or siblings giving them flowers. We were on the next to last group and one little girl was announced and she just stood there. There was noone. I was so sad. The dance instructor swa this and went to get a flower from an arrangement used for decoration. It dawned on me that we had 2 bouquets. My dear hubby was behind and I turned and said, Go give her a bouquet. Very quickly, in the dark you see this 6'2" man come rushing down to give this little girl flowers. Everyone in the audience starting clapping. I just started boohooing. I can't describe how sad and happy I was all at the same time. We had several church members there with their daughters and I can't tell you the number of comments that were made today. What did that do to that child? How did that affect her. My hubby had someone come up to him after the recital and tell him that he was a hero. Was he? It wasn't done out of selfishness. It was done to make a little girl snile. Why did noone else jump up. Looking back on Friday, when I bought the flowers. I almost did not but 2 bouquets. Did God lead me to but 2 bouquets, so that this little girl would have some flowers and not be alone? I have just been overwhelmed with pride for my hubby jumping up and giving this little girl those flowers. I was then worried I would have to explain to our 4 yr old why she only got one bouquet. She picked out the ones we gave away. She never asked why. Isn't God wonderful? It just makes you realize that all things are planned by Him!!!!! I know this was long but I needed to talk about it. Not b/c we did something to get glorified, those were not the reasons, but because God works in wonderful and mysterious ways. Thank you God for everything you do!!!